Planning our meals

Today we’re popping in with these meal planning pages from my The Happy Planner™.  With the busy holiday week ahead, I thought it was a great example of how to use your planner to make food shopping and planning dinner a bit easier & more fun!

planning a week's meals in The Happy Planner™ of mambi Design Team member Casie Gutierrez | me & my BIG ideas

“I like to have a plan for most things and meal planning makes the 4pm ‘what’s for dinner’ situation less stressful. I know what I have planned, I know I have all the ingredients stocked, and I feel more prepared. 

I start meal planning by making breakfast, lunch, and dinner headers using ‘B’ ‘L’ ‘D’ alphabet stickers. I fill in meals based on what we have going on that day by flipping back to my weekly planner pages and checking it out. Then I fill in my grocery list for the week and feel ready! I find the categories on the grocery list most help because they allow me ro attack grocery shopping more efficiently.”


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