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Monday’s photos + stories

Here is Monday’s Week In The Life photos and stories!

Jacob woke up at 6:10am saying he had to go pee. I ran in and got him up but in the meantime Dylan also woke up. Guess it is an early start to Monday!

Dylan’s turn to pick a show – 2014 World Series game 7!

Mama’s breakfast – sausage, pancakes and left over fruit salad from Jacob’s birthday party. New coffee love – made at home almond lattes.

In the car by 8am – motivated by donuts!

Bills Donuts – down the street and delicious!

This captures the varying levels of excitement for school drop off. Dylan slowly & thoughtfully cruises in while Jacob sprints.

Monday’s are now for Jacob’s gymnastics.

And then home to play his new birthday toys.

Fitting in some yoga stretches during Jacob’s nap. My mid back has been tighter since I started jogging so trying to loosen that up.

Since Jacob rarely naps during the week, I am taking full advantage of the quiet time and reflecting on scripture.

I try to remember to pack Dylan an after school snack. Today he ate the treat first.

Swimming at Hill’s house.

Bathing suits, shaving cream and jumping on the trampoline!

Attic playhouse time with big boy Jake baby Luke.

Living room baseball with daddy before dinner. Jacob is into hitting and Dylan prefers diving catches. Daddy sits on the couch and alternates who he throws it to.

Boys are in bed and D went to get a hair cut. I slipped out to the backyard as the sun goes down to finish up some journaling about this morning.

Clean sheets make for the best nights sleep!


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