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Tuesday’s photos + stories

Welcome to Tuesday of Week in Our Life!

Dylan woke up at 6:30am saying he had a “stomach ache but clearly just a tactic to get up early and have mama time!

To ease our way into the morning, I let the boys feed the frogs.  The frogs were a semi gag gift from Mimi for Jacob’s birthday and of course the boys love them!  They were so entertained by feeding them and they laughed at my silly commentary about what the frogs may be thinking.

Dylan can tie his shoes now and he is so proud!  He gave me a tutorial on how to do a proper double knot on the car ride to school.  He asked if I still tie my shoes with bunny ears and yes I do.  I could never figure out that twisty turny way that everyone uses.  I blame it on being left handed.

Back home from school drop off and first cup of coffee for the day.  Jacob is playing his leap pad and I am taking time to read scripture.  I have found that writing one verse a day helps me connect to scripture by practicing my lettering and understanding the verse more deeply.

The boys still love to sit on my lap.  This morning Dylan climbed up on my lap as I was eating breakfast and I kissed his soft little boy cheek.  And as we watched the movie “home” Jacob climbed up on my lap to watch it with me.  Often times, as soon as I sit down on the couch, one of them makes their way on to my lap and sometimes it is both of them.  I am grateful for their love!


Today we shared the trail with horses, a jack rabbit, mountain bikers & joggers. When we bought our house 6 years ago, we fell in love with the location! It has a rural feeling while still being within the neighboring suburbs. We love walking to the lake to swim, jog and play. 


Trying to notice and enjoy more of the beauty around me. 


Quick shower before picking up Dylan. Jacob was clingy so I threw him & some toys in too. 


Preparing the frogs for a new home. $40 four gallon aquarium. 


Watching the big kids play baseball after T-Ball practice. 


Dylan giving Jacob a shaving tutorial with the kit Nana bought them. 


Checking on the frogs in their new home. 


Books on the couch with daddy before bed. Both boys on his lap and his arms around them. Love to see all three of my men cuddled up!


Every night he pays bills and updates the checking account spread sheet. I am beyond grateful for his dedication (and the fact that I would not enjoy doing it)



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