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Wednesday’s photos + stories

Happy mid-week! 

My mom always opens a can of diet coke first thing in the morning.  While I am more a coffee girl, this sparkling water was a nice change of pace for a wednesday morning.

I woke up on my own, meaning no kids were calling for help to go to the bathroom, which allowed for easing into the day.  I was dressed, bed made and in the kitchen when Dylan rolled out of bed and fired up the computer.

Each morning he checks to see if Art for Kids Hub has a new art video.  Most mornings he draws their newest drawing with them and then moves on to other art projects.

Usually in the mornings Hubby emptied the dishwasher. Lately he has been folding the clothes, I household chore I don’t love, and I am grateful for him taking time before work to do that.  

Before Jacob is out of bed, Dylan has completed his daily drawing and has moved on to his newest You Tube station – Box Yourself. It features projects made out of recycled boxes and cardboard.  And while it is a lovely idea to recycle, I am not always eager to help cut, tape and glue cardboard with him at 7:15am.

Confession time: sometimes I bribe the boys with cash. This morning they needed a gentle nudge to get into the car to go to school. 

We started our walk with a treat at Dutch bros & met up with Frances and Eli.  Jacob was slightly eager to enjoy his smoothie.  Thankfully, the young gals in the stand thought he was cute and liked his dancing.

Experimenting with my self time app at the lake.  Frances noticed how we both had our hands on our hips. Quite possibly the universal pose of motherhood. We had walked a few miles along the trail and stopped in a sandy area to let the boys run around and play in the water to give us a little more time to chat.


So often I am in a hurry to get here and there and Jacob is NOT.  He moves at his own pace!  On the walk home I had had my fill of exercise for the day so I allowed him to walk instead of ride in the stroller.  And he decided to race me.

Jacob and I ran to the store quickly before we picked up Dylan and as I stopped for peanut butter, he grabbed these pies off the shelf.  I fondly remember them as a special lunch bag treat from my elementary school days. Neither of the boys liked them.

After school we joined Stephie and her boys at Mimi’s house.  Mimi has become like another grandma for my boys and she is always willing to let us swim and play at her house.  And Fred, the flamingo, that lived in our garage for 2 months, has found a proper home in her backyard.

The pool slide looked like fun, figured I would join in.

A few minutes of creating before bed. 

My current bedside table contents:

  • Books – “Speak” by Nish Weiseth and “fervent” by Priscilla Shirer
  • origami crown and purse made by Dylan
  • egg carton flower bouquet, also made by Dylan
  • The Message Bible
  • silver nurses cross from my dad
  • pen and highlighter to write in my books

“Storytelling and personal narrative … that’s how we get to know each other – we tell each other out struggles and our victories.  We talk about ours pasts and how these pasts have shaped us and changed us into who we re today.  WE talk about the experiences in our lives that affect us and we talk about the ways other people throughout our lives have changed us too.  We speak.” – Nish Weiseth “Speak”

To quote author C.S. Lewis “Friendship … is born at the moment when one mans says to another ‘What!  You too?  I thought that no one but myself … ‘



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