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Thursday’s photos + stories

Hey there Thursday!  Half way through the week and I am loving this project!


I want to remember … how excited the boys are to get mail from grandma and papa.  How Jacob sleeps with a little penguin named Waddles and holds him with the clip.  How Dylan always requests chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.


I want to remember …. how amazing my first year of bible study has been.  How the ladies in my group are kind, wise and thoughtful.  How Jacob likes to put his childcare pick up sticker on me like I put his sticker on him.

I want to remember … how we played superhero by chasing each other around the living room with our capes on.  How I chose to not worry about the laundry and instead play.


I want to remember … this sweet boy’s imagination and kind heart.  How he microwaved jelly beans for his super hero snack and saved one for Dylan.

I want to remember … how good it feels to each a homemade lunch outside on the patio.

I want to remember … how I excited was to became a nurse.  How I love pediatric intensive care.

I want to remember … how I really want to learn to intubate.  How I enjoy the fast pace of a busy PICU.  How it feels to help save the life of a child!

(Photos I didn’t take but want to remember: How Thursdays are the day Gabee picks up Dylan from school.  How Dylan never carries in his backpack and Gabee carries it all in.  How I try to get Jacob to nap and today he was not feeling it.  How relieved I am that Friday morning means sleeping in because D is off work!)


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