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Friday’s photos + stories

 Hello Friday!
    Before school baseball catches results in the ball landing into the light fixture & a daddy ladder. 

 Watching highlights from last nights Giants game.  
 Cup one of one and a half. Barefoot because it is warm already. 
 Jacob served me this delicious felt pizza.  
 I am grateful he was in the mood to chill. He watched a show while I read blogs and drank my coffee. 
 Friday mornings have become our trail run mornings. Today was a great jog / walk combo (minus the snake sighting)

  We stopped at the lake to play in the water and feel the sand between our toes.

   This salad is my jam lately. 
Sitting with daddy before nap time. 
Practicing handlettering.   
This is my only picture from Friday afternoon (2pm – 3am were spent at work)

The contrast between the floors of our women & children’s hospital struck me as I rode the elevator. 

The 2nd floor is labor and delivery – new lives being brought into the world. Joy & Excitement. 

The 1st floor is the neonatal ICU – tiny lives hanging on & parents hoping they grow & thrive. 

4th floor is my home – pediatric ICU. Tonight is represented death, tragedy, tears and heart break. The start of a battle against cancer. The middle of a long, dramatic battle. The end of a battle that no one knew was a battle. 

The wounds are deep and have left marks on my soul. 


2 thoughts on “Friday’s photos + stories

  1. oh my what lovely awesome photos and stories. I work at a hospital as well. your comment about the floors and variety of stories. oh my goodness. thank you for sharing. how very perfect.


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