Stackable Icon Stamps

Let me tell you all about the new stackable icon stamps!  Creating lists and making codes is my jam!  These new icon stamps make that colorful, fun and portable.

First up, here is my “key” – what each stamp symbol indicates in my planner. 

 The black box makes the perfect to do list marker.  The red star draws attention to an important item.  The exclamation point shows a jotted down idea or inspiration.  I use the blue thumb up and down.  Up features the high point of my day and the thumbs down is the low point.  Recording a low point may not seem happy but it helps me to determine areas that need more of my focus or attention and allows me to see trends in the days of the week or time of day.  Green asterisk marks items needed or events at the boys school such as class parties, hot lunch day and reminders.  The pink heart lends itself easily to being something I loved.  This includes moments of gratitude and all the times my heart felt full.

Head on over to me & my BIG ideas blog to see more about how I am using these fun, stackable icon stamps!


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