A story about ME

I am honored to be a guest story teller for Ali Edwards this month for the story theme ME. 

This is me at 5 years old. Young and vibrant and about to have a younger sibling. 5 years old is when some of my childhood memories began to stay with me. 5 years is the age of my oldest son currently. 

5 years old is when I began to understand the world wasn’t perfect and those placed as my role models in life were flawed. Sometimes in life the words of a song resonate deeply with how I feel and the song “dear younger me” by Mercy Me is one of those songs. 

If I knew then what I know now, would I have changed things? Maybe but the events of life have shaped who I am right now. Part of that is hurt and betrayal. Part is full of love and care from unexpected sources. A few years ago I might have said, YES change it all! 

Since becoming a memory keeper, a story recorder, a documentor of life; I now say NO, keep it all the same because I am embracing my story as it happens. I am the author of the story and while the supporting characters play a role, they will not define me and my story. 

I am excited to share more stories with you this month. I hope to encourage, inspire and motivate you to tell the stories about yourself. Happy, sad, and difficult stories that are a part of who you are. Let’s document our lives together!

Dear Younger Me by Mercy Me


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