Dylan – gratitude day 4

Dylan is my oldest son and the one who brought to my knees in prayer as an infant.  I hadn’t prayed since high school but the fear of being entrusted with a newborn returned me to God’s grace and love.


I was a new mom but a pediatric nurse so, in theory, I could handle an eight pound infant right?  WRONG!  but that is right where God planned me to be.  Things like sleep and crying and more crying were completely out of my control and prayer was my final attempt to make sense of this new found role.


Fearing the unknown has always haunted me and having seen babies die from SIDS, an unknown infant killer, I was terrified to actually sleep when Dylan finally slept.  One night in October, as a two week old infant slept soundly in the crib next to my bed, I whispered these words, “God, I know we haven’t talked in a long time and I may be doing this all wrong but please watch over this baby as he sleeps.  I am so scared!”.

Instantly I felt a peace deep within my soul that I had not felt in a very long time.  A calming sense that what was out of my control was secure in God’s hands.

Prayer has now become my staple, my first line defense, my constant dialogue with my creator.  It is praise and requests.  It is confessing wrongs and allowing God to work out the details.  And all because of this little baby named Dylan entered my world.

Thank you God for sending me this child, this answer to a prayer I didn’t know was there!




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