December Daily 2016 PLANS

My plan for 2016 has three main objectives:
1 – write more stories. Throughout the day I may jot down notes in my planner to remind myself of hightlights of the day. I will focus on “what matters today” as a story spark (from Brandi’s stamp)
2 – photos into PL app along with Ali Edwards main kit digitally fillers and journaled on cards via letterglow.
3 – each day share my PL spreads on my blog and via Ali’s blog. This keeps me going and provides an external motivation to complete the stories and get them down somewhere

I still love the physical bits and pieces, which I plan to add in via the rings of the binder and in various pockets. These pages won’t be date specific but more story specific. Like, the story of the gift tags from this year, the story of my Christmas coffees for this year (2×2 squares with photos and wrappers), the story of wrapping paper, the story of Dylan’s drawings, the story of Jacob’s preschool art projects, the story of food bought via receipts and grocery lists, the story of places we went shared via tickets and brochures. To include my handwriting I may journal on Ali’s 3×8 DD log pages. This is where I would add stamping as well. I am debating on prestamping them vs doing it in the moment to match the colors of the adjacent photos.


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