December Daily

December Daily AH-HA moment!

For the last three years of doing DD albums, I have stressed over getting a specific story on the day it occurred.  For example, we start our advent calendar on December 1st and I self imposed the story of that day “HAD” to be about the start of advent.  But looking back on past albums, my favorite advent calendar story happened on December 18th when both boys woke up at 6am asking for the candy in the advent.


Both layouts tell good stories but I can tell by the dark photos in the layout above that it was forced and the one below happened spontaneously.  I mean, look at the expressions!


Another example is our Christmas tree.  I always struggle with when should I write about the tree.  I feel like I “SHOULD” document the day we get the tree versus a natural tree moment.


The layout above is a moment when the boys were moving around ornaments and talking about them.  I loved this moment and was glad to capture it.  I wish I would have written more of a story but sometimes just the photo is enough.


I love the quick little story about this tree photo because my hubby lifting my son to decorate up high has been our made up ladder for years.

My goal this year is to RELAX and allow the day to dictate my story.  My hope is by simplifying my process, the story will be easier to tell.


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