December Daily 2013

In the fall of 2013 I was finding my rhythm as a mom of 2 kids and wanted to find a method to preserve my photos and memories.  I stumbled upon Cathy Vee and her gorgeous planner!  Then I began to see her talk about December Daily.  Down the pinterest and IG rabbit hole I went to find out more.  Before kids, I was crabby at Christmas and my husband was holly jolly.  You see, I come from divorced parents which meant an argument over who went where every holiday season.  I tried to embrace the spirit, I really did but couldn’t never get into until I had children of my own.  Then my determination to have fun and be festive kicked in.  I wanted so deeply for my children to love Christmas.  I knew I wanted to get back into memory keep and I figured this December project would kick start that 2014 goal.
My 2013 was a simple, Christmas Smashbook and to this day is my favorite of my 3 DD albums.  The stories are the main feature and the photo compliments it.  There are interactive elements, like fold outs and envelopes.  There are bits and pieces that were saved like stamps, cards, and gift tags.  Here is a look at the pages of that album:



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