December Daily · Memory keeping

Dec. 2nd – going home

Going home has always be hard. The memories attached to that little town run deep in my soul. Joyful and challenging memories. Instead of trying not to feel them, I am allowing them to be healing memories. The ability to reminisce and now document those moments fills me with gratitude. I’m glad Jaidyn is a constant reminder of JT. To remind us of all the blessings in our lives. 

Today observing Jaidyn and Jacob put on a dance show sparked joy in my heart remembering myself and JT doing the same routines. Noting the difference in dad and how much more accepting he is of all that has passed. I felt peace knowing this attitude will improve his healing for the second knee surgery. Today was a happy return home. To look for and experience the joy all around me is magical. 

I created this layout in the PL app and will print each card seperately to place in the pockets behind day 1. I’ll post the final layout on my Instagram account: CultivatingCasie 


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