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Dec. 4th kindness

Tonight Dylan’s act of kindness melted my mama heart (and those around us too). At Santa’s Secret adventure there is a train ride with a few individual barrel cars. As all the kids raced around to find their car, Jacob was left without a car. When he realized he would be left out, he bursted into tears. Before I knew it, Dylan hoped out of his barrel and rushed to Jacob offering up his seat. Jacob was instantly relieve and appreciative of his big brother. My eyes welded up with tears as the train conductor came to Dylan and said “young man did you give your seat up?” And as Dylan nodded, the conductor shared his hat and a high five with him. Dylan’s display of kindness was noticed by those around him and we are so proud of him!

And little brother on his first ride!

 Below is the digital roughy draft in the PL app. I then printed it, add a few touches and added it to our album. 


2 thoughts on “Dec. 4th kindness

  1. I love your layout! As a mama to five I cherish the moments when I see the goodness in my kids. I better than anyone (besides the Good Lord) know their hearts and how much of it is filled with good. It makes me happy when others can see it too!

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