Memory keeping · One Little Word 2017


How to get here in a few easy steps!

Start here … 

The LetterGlow app!

Prior to playing in the app, I downloaded my digital files on my computer and transferred them into Dropbox. 

Once they are in Dropbox, I move them into my camera roll on my phone. 

To do this, I use “save image” that way I can open the file inside LetterGlow. 

Open a new project inside LetterGlow. 

Select camera roll and your digital file should be there. 

There is mine right inside the camera roll. (Also at the bottom there is a drop down menu and I believe the file is also in a file called “Dropbox”)

Drops the image into LetterGlow as is. In this case, about 3×8. I cropped it to vertical orientation 4×3. 

From there, I select the + symbol there at the bottom middle to find the other digital art I want to add. 

LetterGlow allows various options and to access Dropbox you select the bottom right “photo/logo” box. 

Then you can hop into Dropbox and find all your goodies! 



Here I added the grey rectangle and made it larger. 

Then I added the “get curious” text which starts out white but can be changed using the color wheel option inside LetterGlow. 

There you have it, my January tab!


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