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Project Life week 1

Project Life continues to be my main memory keeping modality via the Project Life App on my iPhone.  This year I will continue to document our family life weekly.

Week ONE included an overnight trip to the snow!  We are grateful for the chance to borrow our neighbors all wheel drive car which made a snowy drive easier.  We made our own snow park just right outside the hotel and it was perfect!

My hope is for each week to include two 12×12 layouts.  The second half of week 1 shares the story about Jacob wanting to sit on our shoulders for no clear reason.  Dylan starting basketball and played against an old classmate.  Taking the boys to visit Darrin’s work and them playing around in his office.  On Sunday, when the boys arrived home from grandma and papa’s house, the power was out in the house.  They loved the candles and the camping feeling.  Good thing it wasn’t a school night because the excitement lasted for past bedtime.



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