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The 100 Day Project


I’ve come to learn that we see through three main lenses: our eyes (our literal vision), our history (all our life experiences), and our atti- tude (the only thing we can really change). Each one informs the ways in which we literally look through the lens of our camera, but it is our atti- tude that we have the most control over. We can’t control our eye sight or our history, but we can control our attitude. I choose joy. – Ali Edwards, Lens of Joy class

Ali’s quote sparked me to explore how I see the world around me through the lens of my iPhone camera.  Do I document just the stuff of life?  Do I document the messy and explore it deeper? 

 Can I use my photographs to find a reason to celebrate life every single day?  This is my goal for the next 100 days is to blend photography + praise words to God for the next 100 days.

My plan is to simple notice the goodness around me and photograph it with my iPhone 6. I’ll turn the noticing into a personal prayer of praise to God and share it on Instagram.  I am using this project to remind me to look for something each day to celebrate and to transform that into prayer. 

My hashtag will be #100daysofcelebrationprayers

If you are looking for my information on the project, check out The 100 Day Project.


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