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Monday WITL 4.17.17


6:45am // I see Dylan up early and joining me for a snuggle in my bed.  A little snapchat filter for a morning laugh.  I am grateful that he still enjoys snuggling in bed with me.


7:15am // I see me cutting up fruit, always lots of fruit in the house.  I see my college alumni sweatshirt that is over 15 years old and still super cozy.  Initially I wasn’t proud of going to a local university that wasn’t anything fancy.  Now I am proud to say I graduated college, I was the first in my family to do so and I did it in 4 years.


7:25am // I see my youngest curled up in his footie pjs still asleep.  He always kicks off the covers.  I am glad he chose the footie pjs last night otherwise I get to cuddle with cold feet in the morning.


8am // I see an opportunity to draw with Dylan, his preferred activity to wake up to.  I school mornings, I usually am emptying the dishwasher, making breakfast and getting them dressed and don’t have time to sit down to create with him.  This morning is a day off and I am grateful to have the chance to embrace this creative start to the day.


8:36am // I see a healthier, more intentional breakfast now that I am counting points on weight watchers.  The point system is simpler than anything I have ever tried and has helped keep me accountable for the food choices I make.  When I eliminated gluten and dairy, I noticed a lot less bloating and surprisingly less arthritic aches in my knees and back.  I am currently experimenting with gluten free waffles and pancakes.  This one is made with powdered peanut butter, smashed banana, an egg and a sprinkle of coconut flour.  Not bad.


9:10am // I see two brothers who are obsessed with candy!  Their Easter baskets did not disappoint and this morning they are trading and sorting their candy.


11:15am // I see a kiddo who likes to play and jump and run all around Chuck E Cheese.


12:45pm // I see three little cousins who have always played great together.  In the middle, I see my niece Jaidyn and my heart is filled with sadness as I remember my brother and that he won’t get to see her growing up.  She is an incredible little girl – smart, kind and strong – I know he would be so proud of her.  I soak up the time I get to spend with her.


1:12pm // I see my best attempt as a healthy lunch at Chuck E Cheese.


4:12pm // I see a little guy who wanted to paint a craft from his Easter basket as brother and daddy headed off to baseball practice.  He knows I don’t want paint on his shirt so he took it off on his own before he started.


6:12pm // I see feet that are almost always covered because they get cold easy.  And as I looked through the lens to take this photo, I thought “well here is a photo of the everyday boring stuff” and then I realized I have complete control over my attitude.  I took a deep breath and expressed internal gratitude for this chore which means I have a solid foundation under my feet both literally and figuratively.  I have floors inside a home and Jesus in my heart, both that keep me safe and grounded in my world.


10:11pm // I see a mama that needs to turn out the light and go to bed but someone who loves to read and is really interested in this book.  I am proud of myself for putting down my social media filled phone and reaching for the ink and paper of a written story instead.

Cheers Monday!


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