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Tuesday WITL 4.18.17

From where I stand … was my leading prompt for today.  Not pictures of my feet like I intended but I guess that would get boring and repetitive.  Instead I chose to “from where I stand” holding the camera.

6:41am // From where I stand my heart swells to see two brothers cuddling together, the Peet the Cat that was a hot item at bedtime last night and Jacob without covers again.

7:19am // From where I stand I observe a little bed head and a kitchen desk that needs to be cleaned up.

8:27am // From where I stand I witness a comradory that has developed between classmates and I am curious as to what they are talking about as they walk to class.  And yes it is still raining late into April here.


8:52am // From where I stand I watch Jacob walk in front of me into his class.  He likes to wear a backpack like his brother even though he doesn’t “need” to bring anything with him.  I am trying hard not to run back to the car in excitement about having 2 hours of freedom after being home with the boys for all spring break.


10:10am // From where I stand I see increased weights on my upper body workout as I rest my knee from dislocating early Monday morning.  I was hesitant to workout at all this morning because I was tired and sore but focusing just on upper body and getting in a workout made me feel so much better.  I want to remember that some days, something is better than nothing!


11:08am // From where I sit I enjoy a delicious hamburger and a wedding ring symbolizing 14 years of ongoing commitment.  Back to the burger for a minute .. prior to this year I hadn’t eaten red meat in over 10 years but after Stephanie introduced me to a juicy delicious Hawks burger, I have been hooked.  I don’t indulge often but this morning felt like a celebration moment.  Having a wonderful vacation with the boys and my hubby and enjoying the slower pace of spring break, I was celebrating a return to a routine I both like and dislike.  A routine that currently allows me twice a week 2 hour break that I use to feed my body and soul.  And I am so grateful for those moments!

1:28pm // From where I stand, I look down to see a little guy building his confidence in himself as he works through a new Pokemon look and find book from Grandma Nancy.  Later I will send this photo to her as a digital thank you note for giving him this gift.  I also see his favorite snack, “a snackie” plate which is like a kid version of an appetizer platter.  (and coffee warmed up from this morning .. good to the last drop!)

1:46pm // From where I stand, I look up and express gratitude to God for a clearing in the rain and this gorgeous sky that reminds me there is always a new season on the horizon. WE changed, we grown, we learn and we continue to experience the seasons in our life.

2:46pm // From where I stand, I return my book and watch the boys as they say they are returning themselves in the library bins as well.  A little bit about this book – Glennon is a blessed story writer and I love reading about people’s story.  I related to some of her struggles as she explains not accepting her body as it is from a very young age and working through that in midlife.  I love reading how her children changed her for the better and motivated her to become whole and carry on in the name of love.


3:37pm // From where I sit, I enjoy some sunshine and the green of the backyard.  I hear the boys inside playing together and possibly making themselves a snack.  I resist the urge to run in and help with snack and instead see how it will turn out.  Instead of getting up, I stay in the moment and enjoy looking through my newest library finds – a book on Wine Country home design.


3:49pm // From where I sit, I am served this rainbow platter of snacks from Dylan (minus the blue he says because we are out of blueberries).  Dylan made himself a bowl of cereal and yogurt and helped Jacob get a yogurt as well.  I am proud of their healthy snack choices, the fact that they got it themselves and delighted to be served a snack as well.


3:52pm // From where I stand, I see a Goldendoole who is almost 1 years old and is ready for a haircut.

4:25pm // From where I sit, I watch as two brothers fight over the basketball and end up hurting each other intentionally.  It hurts my heart to see this happen most days.  I want to teach them to love each other, to get along with one another and to not bicker!  Not sure how to do that but we are all a work in progress right?


7:11pm // From where I stand, I see a loving daddy reading to the boys like he does every night after bath and before bed.  I also see a sneaky husband who doesn’t like his picture taken and is sticking out his tongue at me!

8:37pm // From where I stand, I see a dog who has a favorite spot laying inside the bends of couch and observing how he used to look tiny next to this big couch.  This is our spot to wind down from the day and be together.  We chat a little, we get things done (tonight is ordering baseball photos and registering the boys for church summer camp) and now that baseball season has started, we watch some of the Giant’s game.


8:52pm // from where I stand, I love this sight!


9:32pm // From where I lay, I start a new book and know I need to get to bed soon.  I love the ritual of reading before bed.


And for the photos I didn’t take …

I’ll explain the laughter that we shared as a family as we played a silly made up game with a hula hoop and ballon. I’ll document the pre-bath naked run my oldest did up and down the hallway.  And I am happy with this day and “having my life reflected back to me via photos” (like Ali Edwards says).

Cheers Tuesday!


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