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Wednesday WITL 4.19.17

“Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so.” Mary Jean Irion

6:38am // On Wednesdays I try to be out of bed before the boys, make my bed and get dressed.  On the days this happens, mornings run smoother.

6:53am // On this Wednesday they played the computer together.  Dylan coached Jacob on how to play “Cat around Africa” and Jacob was happy watch Dylan’s skill at the game.

7:02am // On Wednesday I try to empty the dishwasher before I take Dylan to school.  The routine of running the dishwasher every night and emptying every morning gives me a solid accomplishment to check of at the start of the day.

7:22am // On some Wednesday mornings I try to eat breakfast sitting down.  This morning even read of few lines of my devotional book and took notes on the previous day for Week in the Life.  The reality is the coffee ended up being reheated many many times and the breakfast was half eaten before it was time to leave for school drop off.

8:18am // On this Wednesday, Dylan complained of a stomach ache again before school.  I am not sure if something is brewing of he is having a nervous tummy as we return to the school routine.  Today I am grateful for the magic of a new library book on tape to keep them entertained for the drive to school.

9:01am // On Wednesdays, Jacob and I come back home and have a few hours free to do what we want.  This morning he wanted, what he calls “lap sitty time”, and this means he crawls up onto my lap and settles into a snug.  Todays session called for a book as well.


10:34am // On this Wednesday we ventured out of the house to take Ryder to the groomers.  He is long overdue for a trim and wash.  jacob chose to ride his bike and I love his enthusiasm and persistence in bike riding.  The groomer is about a half mile walk from our house and I hope he is as excited to ride home as he is to ride there.  (spoiler alert – he was not and I did not include a photo of me pushing said bike back up the hill to our house!)



11:25am // On Wednesdays we get a treat.  Today was a Dutch Bros smoothie and a Bill’s donut.  Both are in the same shopping center as the dog groomer and both are our favorite places to walk to for treats.  Jacob walked right up to the Dutch Bros window and ordered himself a green apple smoothie with whip cream on the straw.  And inside Bill’s donuts, he requested an apple fritter sample, a sprinkle donut for himself and a maple bar to surprise his brother with after school.  He is always thinking about Dylan and remembers to get him a treat as well.


1:49pm // Wednesdays are the last day of the week that I pick up Dylan after school.  Today I notice this gorgeous flower along the back pathway to his classroom and stop to check it out.  Today we aren’t in a rush to get anywhere and can stop to notice the small things.

2:42 pm // This Wednesday Mama needed a little rest time so the boys headed back to their computer game.  Both have their favorite snackie plates and hydroflasks nearby.

5:15pm // This Wednesday included dinner at the local Round Table Pizza who was sponsoring a fund raising night for our local little league.  I loaded up on the salad bar before I indulged in a single slice of pepperoni.  Dylan ate 4 slices of cheese pizza and they both love the parmesan cheese shaker.

5:29pm // Dylan was happy to have a teammate who has Pokemon cards join us at the pizza place.  He brought his Pokemon card binder in anticipation of some good trades.  I love the look on his face as he considers the trade and looks at what his friend has to offer.


8:54pm // Wednesdays are the last night we go to bed together for the week.  I like to stay up and read a little but Darrin is usually asleep by 8:30.  He props his shoulder on my shoulder and we lay like this until my arm goes numb and I roll out of bed to let the dog outside one more time and turn out the lights.

Cheers Wednesday!



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