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Thursday WITL 4.20.17

Thursdays are part “I go” and part “I work”.  Here is a look at those parts.

6:49am // I go outside to feed Ryder and notice the bright sunlight flooding the backyard.  I am grateful for this yard space and sunshine.
7:18am // I got outside and he knows it is breakfast time.  He lays down and patient waits for me to give the ok to enjoy his kibble.
6:56 am // Before I can go about my chores, I make sure this little one has something to entertain him and something to eat.  Today he gets to play the computer game and has some fruit for breakfast.  He isn’t much of a breakfast eater and usually panics that he hasn’t eaten as we get close to his school.  I always tell him that he should eat more and that I won’t give him a snack (but I always do)


7:45am // I go get the Easter basket painting craft for Dylan since he is dressed and ready for school early.  I love that he loves to craft.
8:13am // I go into the car and load up both boys for school drop off.  Again the magic of a new library book on CD has me all smiles.  The boys are familiar with this author and Jacob said his teacher read him the book recently.  Dylan holds the book before his drop off and Jacob will have a turn before his drop off.


9:08am // I go through the Starbucks drive through line to grab a special coffee (instead of black drip coffee like most mornings) and a breakfast sandwich.  I appreciate the new gluten free option.
9:52am // I go to get my grey hair covered up.  I could go every 4 weeks to get those stubborn things covered but that isn’t a reality right now.  I treasure the times I do get to have my hair colored.  My stylist, Denise, and I are good friends with kids the same ages. We talk about the kids, are husbands, being working mamas and LuLaRoe clothes.
2:28 pm // I go into work.  Parking is crazy lately and I am parking further and further out.  The advantage is a higher step count and not having to drive around looking for space.  I enjoy the time walking in to mental prepare for my shift.
4:02pm // I go to a unit mandated class called communicating with respect.  Some of our co-workers have said other co-workers don’t treat them with respect so we are all attending this class.  We start the class with a painting exercise which ends up being really fun.  At the end we are instructed to etch on word that we are craving more of into our painting.  My friend Erin and I are sitting right next to each other and write the same exact word – CALM!
10:02pm // I go to my locker to get my glasses since my eyes are getting tired.  I am ready to GO home and GO to sleep.

cheers Thursday!




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