Ali Edwards design team · Memory keeping

Lens story kit layout

I LOVE this story kit.  I like them all but this one has a special place in my heart right now as I am also working through Ali Edwards Lens of Joy class.  The class and this story kit is helping me to explore the lens that I look at the world around me through.  Am I counting it all joy as scriptures instruct or are there areas where my attitude could use a little tweaking and how can I make these adjustments?  (more on that on a later post, I promise!)

The main story prompts that sparked my story ideas was the prompt of –

Through the lens I see: 

I practiced using this story spark for documenting a day during week in the life and I love how it prompts me to look at my phone and interpret the story of my life as it is right now.

There was moment in our hotel room over spring break where all four of us were in one bed together eating left over chocolate peanut butter cake out of a to go box and spilling crumbs on the white sheets.  THAT is the memory I want to remember.  That feeling of family all together and making memories of joy is what my soul seeks.

This layout is a combination of all those feelings along with an ocean side, rocks climbed family selfie …




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