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Ali Edwards April Digital Kit Layouts

Have you seen Ali Edwards April Digital Kit?  The egg shapes are my favorite!!!!

Let’s dive into the layouts I made with this kit.  First is our church’s annual Easter Egg hunt.  They divide up the parking lot into color coded age sections.  This year I went with Jacob and about 200 other 3 year olds.  What I love about this photo of him, is all the eggs surrounding him and the look of serious concentration on his face as he looked for the golden egg.  (spoiler alert – he did not find a golden egg and had to be encouraged to pick up a few ordinary eggs along the way.)

Photo of jacob with eggs


The second story that I wanted to highlight from April was the story of when we rescued an adorable dog we found wandering near a busy street in our neighborhood.  For this layout I focused more on Dylan’s perspective and how he interacted with him.  The main part of the story that I want to be documented was the kindness that Dylan showed to the dog and the act of service we did that day in rescuing a strangers best friend.

Photo of Dylan with Petey



One thought on “Ali Edwards April Digital Kit Layouts

  1. What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing, especially the one about the dog. It’s so great when our kids get to see the results of a kind gesture. I’m really glad the owner was good to the boys, as it will encourage them to continue to reach out! But it sounds like that’s already fairly well implanted in Dylan’s being. Good job mom!


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