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Ali Edwards May digitals in Project Life

What I love about this spread is all the color!  Spring to me symbolizes new life springing up with bright and vibrant flowers and Ali captured these spring colors perfectly.

I love a month that starts on a Monday and I love digital weekly project life spreads made completely on my iPhone 6.  I take all my photos with my phone, edit them with the app Pic-Tap-Go, add Ali Edwards’ digital filler cards and embellishments via the app Letterglow and then put them within the layout in the app Project Life.


Here is the photo of my before editing.  I didn’t love that light pole in the background so I cropped it out, brightened the photo and then imported it into the Letterglow app to add the digital chipboard.


Here is the photo after all that.  I left a little space at the bottom of the embellishment because the Project Life app doesn’t seem to be true to exact 4×6 size.


Here is another example.  I lightened the photo in Pic-Tap-Go and then moved it Letterglow to add the circle chipboard.  I love this sassy face and how he rolls his feet outward when I ask him to pose for a picture.


Here is the finished product with a subtitle along side the “hang out time” chipboard reminding me this was Jacob’s zoo field trip.

I think I have always know how much I enjoy digital scrapbooking but now I feel like I am truly embracing it and LOVING it!


One thought on “Ali Edwards May digitals in Project Life

  1. Love what you’re able to do… All on your phone! I haven’t tried all these apps on my phone yet cuz I’m almost out of memory. And it’s not even a year old! I swear they push across system updates just to take up more memory so you have to get a new phone. Grrrr…


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