Memory keeping

July Ali Edwards digital kit layouts 

This month, I ventured out of my comfort zone both story telling and in design process.  I told a more personal reflective story which turned out to be an enlightening process.  By digging a little deeper about how I felt about my knee injury, I realized there was part of my identity tied to this problem.  There were ways that I had restricted myself as a protective mechanism but mentally and physically.  Having not experienced the dislocation for 16 years, I had forgotten the emotional component that accompanied it.

Here is the storyCGutierrez_July2017DigitalKit_Detail2_2


Design wise, I created the whole layout using Photoshop Elements.  I am new to PSE and am learning on the fly.  I enjoyed printing precisely for 3×8 and 6×8 pages.  The 3×8 again and again is my favorite way to add dimension to the album and a few more words.   While I have never taken a photo of my knee at its worst, this photo shows how I am taping it provide more stabilization.



One a lighter note, another layout I created using the July digital kit is from a surprise overnight trip to Napa that my husband treated me to for my birthday.  I love to explore a town through their food and Napa is an easy place to do just that.  Since we were kid free, we had time to sit and eat and enjoy the food and each other’s company.  I highly recommend Boon Fly Cafe in Napa for their brunch, black coffee and mini donuts!  Oxbow public market is another favorite.

Here is the layout






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