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Fitness Transitions

Hello fitness transitions!  Awhile back I shared on Instagram about my chronic knee pain.  After the latest flare up of pain, I decided I wanted to transition how I exercise.  I wanted an exercise that would strengthen me and help reduce the pain.  I tried walking, yoga, barre classes.  I enjoyed aspects of each of these but there was still some residual pain.  I started to pay attention to what my body was telling me.  No movement meant more pain and lethargy but pushing myself despite the pain only made it worse.

Then my BFF Stephanie, who has old gymnast injuries and a work injury, started swimming at the gym we go to.  She shared how swimming laps was a great workout without the pain and I was ready to try it.  Around the same time, Ali Edwards began sharing her wellness journey on Instagram and on her blog   I was ready for a slow and steady change.  I was ready to be aware of how my body reacted to foods and movement and the world around me.  And, as far as swimming goes, I am happy to report that I love it!

Swimming has given me a new exercise regimen that challenges me and gives me that terribly missed “runners high” afterwards.  Each time I go out to the pool, I see changes in myself.  Whether it is breathing easier, moving down the lap lane a little quicker or just noticing how great my whole body feels as I move through the water.

I am excited to continue this wellness journey here on my blog and on Instagram.



Inspired and motivated by the amazing Ali Edwards and her sharing her wellness journey
Knee story

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Nitty gritty details 

What’s in my bag … early school age edition. 

There are so many stories to be told with the Details Story Kit!

Now that I don’t need a diaper bag, I find that my backpack purse contents has changed.  Here is the details:

Details for where to find all these items are here:

Backpack Lululemon

Polka dot bag JuJuBe

Wallet Petunia Pickle Bottom

Striped pencil pouch The Happy Planner


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Ali’s August kit + scripture 

When I saw the journaling card “You are Enough” I knew I had a story tell and a scripture to relate it to.  I had a blast playing with grey and pink papers and embellishments.

I used a grainy, filtered Snapchat photo that I took one night after a challenging night at work.  Some evenings at work are just plain hard!  I want to remember that being a pediatric nurse is a gift given from God and he will provide me with the strength to do this job!

I like making interactive elements in my paper layouts.  Behind the enough journal card is were I added my prayer and underneath is the scripture I related it to.

This layout was fun to make and playing with paper was just there art therapy I needed after an emotional night at work.

Thank you Ali for making products that spark stories that are deep inside me (and sometimes I didn’t know was there!)

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AE August digital layout

Scrappy confession time … I have been so focused on documenting the big moments and the vacation moments I haven’t taken the time to document the everyday. The everyday is what I love about project life! 

By focusing on one photo and one story from each day of the week, I get to see my life recorded on the pages of my album. This spread started by throwing photos into the project life app template D. I transformed it into a colorful story filled spread using Ali’s August digital kit journal card as a spark to journal my story. I finished it off with a few digital embellishments like sprinkles topping a cupcake. Here is my week 31 Right Side Page. 

Memory keeping

AE Lost & Found

Here & There you find a magical place that both relaxes & ignites a fire inside.

For me, that place is Donner Lake, a small lake set in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains. Being among the giant trees, the fresh mountain air and clear cool lake water is my favorite!

I documented this story with an enlarged 6×8 photo in my personal album.  I love the title using the digital word overlays.  The gradiant of blues from the lake’s reflection set the color scheme.

I added my journaling on a slant inside the story circle along with story circles on the top and bottom of the page to repeat the circle pattern.

Here is a few more photos of the completed layout:


Memory keeping

July Ali Edwards digital kit layouts 

This month, I ventured out of my comfort zone both story telling and in design process.  I told a more personal reflective story which turned out to be an enlightening process.  By digging a little deeper about how I felt about my knee injury, I realized there was part of my identity tied to this problem.  There were ways that I had restricted myself as a protective mechanism but mentally and physically.  Having not experienced the dislocation for 16 years, I had forgotten the emotional component that accompanied it.

Here is the storyCGutierrez_July2017DigitalKit_Detail2_2


Design wise, I created the whole layout using Photoshop Elements.  I am new to PSE and am learning on the fly.  I enjoyed printing precisely for 3×8 and 6×8 pages.  The 3×8 again and again is my favorite way to add dimension to the album and a few more words.   While I have never taken a photo of my knee at its worst, this photo shows how I am taping it provide more stabilization.



One a lighter note, another layout I created using the July digital kit is from a surprise overnight trip to Napa that my husband treated me to for my birthday.  I love to explore a town through their food and Napa is an easy place to do just that.  Since we were kid free, we had time to sit and eat and enjoy the food and each other’s company.  I highly recommend Boon Fly Cafe in Napa for their brunch, black coffee and mini donuts!  Oxbow public market is another favorite.

Here is the layout





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New flow for weekly Projecf Life

At the beginning of the year, I started weekly Project Life in a 6×8 album. About mid-March I realized that size didn’t allow the amount of space I wanted to feature our photos. My kids are young and active and I take a lot of photos.  So I moved back into 12×12 and accepted that my current enough was making digital layouts on my phone using letterglow, the project life app and Ali Edwards digital products. 


My constant challenge is the desire to include bits and pieces of everyday life in their paper form into my album.  The idea of adding these elements in between my double page 12×12 weekly layouts came about around the same time Heidi Swapp released her Storyline products. Genius!

This new flow allows me the space and opportunity to document stories embellished with everyday bits when I want to. 

On Father’s Day I wrote a note to my husband and wanted to document those words in a more creative fashion.  The title “Dad stories” is part of Ali Edwards June digital kit.  I added my words onto a journal card from a previous story kit tucked it into a library book pocket. 

This page will be sandwiched between the respective week’s Project Life spread and the backside will be space to store the boys handmade cards for my husband. 

I love collecting the little bits of life and this new flow is sparking my creativity!