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For the LOVE

Friends this is my last layout for the Ali Edwards Creative Team. Love seems fitting.

Here is the journaling

2017 expanded and pushed me creatively in the best way! I am so excited to have found and embraced my personal memory keeping style. And I am looking forward to practicing and growing in 2018!

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Project life week 46

This new album size rocks! Here is our week 46!

Dylan is doing indoor soccer for the first time. I am not a calm enough sideline parent to be a goalie mom! Wow that was intense! (Can you see my reflection in the photo? Kinda neat)

I journaled the story under the photo and you use the tab to lift up the photo to read it. This is one of my favorite tricks for adding more story without another page.

Jacob has been sneaking into bed with me early in the morning because his feet are cold! I am thankful to my mother in law who found bigger kid footie pjs to keep this kid asleep!

Dylan recently started writing “books”. I borrowed this one to make a copy before he noticed so I could include it in our album. These little handwriting bits are my favorites!

More project life to come this week. Thanks for Joining me!

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Story Camp photo walk

Welcome to a little snapshot from Story Camp!  Ali gave us the above photo prompt sheet and we spent some time walking around the area surrounding the Inn on 5th.  When we returned to the classroom, we shared our photos via instagram using the hashtag #aephotowalk

What I loved about this assignment was seeing what would catch my eye and how I would photograph that.  The colors in Oregon during the fall are vibrant and gorgeous!  During the photo walk, it was raining which allowed for that perfect overcast outdoor photo atmosphere.

I used Ali’s November digital kit to document the walk.  The half circle “love this” half circle to pop the bottom of my patterned card.

I showcased my favorite photos from the walk in a 2×2 page protector.  These are housed behind the BEST of food & drink at Story Camp layout.  I didn’t embellish the photos because I wanted them to stand alone.  To document what I was thinking with each photograph, I used the give thanks journal card resized to 3×8 to write my perspective.

Here is the layout completed! (and a huge thank you to Leslie Norgren sharing her photos and inspiring the sidewalk photo – you can see her photo here on Instagram

Thanks for joining me for a story camp photo walk experience!

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Digital layouts with Ali’s products 

Today I want to share a quick and easy way to make digital layouts using Ali Edwards products.  I use this work flow often for project life and will utilize it for December daily as well.  The apps I use are project life and letterglow. 

Here is the finished layout:

I start in the project life app using the 6×8 templates. The finished product on these layouts is 6×8 which allows me to slip it right into a page protector. (I’ll share a more hybrid approach tomorrow). 

Within the 6×8 template, I add the photos and edit them directly in there using the pic tap go shortcut within the app. 

I also add filler cards directly from my Dropbox. 

Finally I created a journal card within letterglow along with Ali’s digital stamp that I recolored to match the photos. 

I place that into the template and it is complete!

Hope this helps digital scrapbooking easy and fun!

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Story Camp

Does it sound cliché to say Story Camp was life changing?!  It definitely changed how I look at documenting life and a deeper sense of my reason why as a memory keeper.  As a member of Ali Edwards Crestive team, I was given the opportunity to attend story camp and experience an amazing journey into the mind of a memory keeper. 

The start of my memory keeping began in 2013 with December Daily and quickly became a quest to document everything!  As you can imagine that quickly overwhelmed me.  I have experimented with many different formats and styles.  What story camp taught me is, while the formats and products are fun to play with, the ultimate goal is to tell my story! (And not to be afraid of practice. Below is a layout we created using circles and the story spark of someone we love. I chose the dog.)

The story –  live the story, capture the story and write the story.  Simple and yet so profound!

Meeting like minded, memory keeping focused women from all over the USA and Canada and even Guatemala was a piece of story camp that I didn’t think too much about.  But WOW these ladies we so amazing to get to know.  We had dinner and drinks together and shared our stories.  Big stories of life changes, losses and transitions but also the little, funny stories about our kids or pets.  Because at the heart of the matter, we are story tellers!  In real life and on paper, we tell the stories about us, our family and the world around us.

For the people that I told what I was going to, they didn’t get that part.  They thought “oh cute a little scrapbook of cut out cute things”.  For those of us who get it Story Camp is so much more!!! We all left the experience changed for the better!