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Happy 40th Birthday Darrin!

My husband gives so much to me and our boys and all those around him. It seemed only appropriate to use Ali’s newest story kit give to celebrate him on his 40th birthday!

Happy birthday D!

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Disneyland 2017

This past week we visited Disneyland in an early celebration of my husband’s 40th birthday.  Here is how I documented the trip.

I used various Ali Edwards story kit journal cards and pieces to document our trip in 1 and 1/2 project life design A pages. 

My favorite pieces of the layout are the little bits that I saved like the hotel key and park tickets.


And always telling the story one journal card at a time!        

Ali Edwards design team · Memory keeping · Storybooks

BEST of food & drink at Story Camp

Prepare yourself for multiple Story Camp posts! 

First up – all the delicious food and drinks I enjoyed in Eugene. I was happy to learn that my fellow creative team member Jen Carlson is also a foodie so we explored the offerings together. 

I used the lined card as a fun journaling template. 

Then I added photos of the food into a 2×2 template. See my previous blog post on how I print those 2×2 easily. 

I love that I combined all the fun foodie pics in my personal storybook album that we received at story camp. No worries – you will be seeing lots more from this album!

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New flow for weekly Projecf Life

At the beginning of the year, I started weekly Project Life in a 6×8 album. About mid-March I realized that size didn’t allow the amount of space I wanted to feature our photos. My kids are young and active and I take a lot of photos.  So I moved back into 12×12 and accepted that my current enough was making digital layouts on my phone using letterglow, the project life app and Ali Edwards digital products. 


My constant challenge is the desire to include bits and pieces of everyday life in their paper form into my album.  The idea of adding these elements in between my double page 12×12 weekly layouts came about around the same time Heidi Swapp released her Storyline products. Genius!

This new flow allows me the space and opportunity to document stories embellished with everyday bits when I want to. 

On Father’s Day I wrote a note to my husband and wanted to document those words in a more creative fashion.  The title “Dad stories” is part of Ali Edwards June digital kit.  I added my words onto a journal card from a previous story kit tucked it into a library book pocket. 

This page will be sandwiched between the respective week’s Project Life spread and the backside will be space to store the boys handmade cards for my husband. 

I love collecting the little bits of life and this new flow is sparking my creativity! 

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This was the spot over seven years ago that I went to celebrate positive pregnancy test and reflect on the unknown journey that lay ahead. looking at the water I felt BRAVE which morphed in the months and weeks to come. in those moments I felt fear and panic and becoming a mother. I was concerned about the mental health jeans that my family brought to the table and the perfect June Cleaver jeans that my husband brought. how would they mix and would it be my fault if the kids were a mess? becoming a mom made me nervous but by the water in the very first minutes of knowing I was pregnant, I only felt BRAVE. the water calmed my mind, the rocks grounded my feet and I bravely embarked on this new adventure.

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Taking care of Me

Making a layout about myself felt narcissistic until I understood my intention behind the story.  First, I wanted to explore the ways I take care of myself currently. (Later I want to take that a step further and determine if my self care measures need adjusting, added to or subtracted from).  And even more than that, I want my children to see this layout in 20 years and understand how important it is to recharge yourself by taking time to enjoy life. 

My story sparks ignited as I browsed through my photo gallery from the last few weeks. There were pictures of my kids, the dog and screenshots of items to remember or purchase. Embedded between those images were glimpses of how I am currently caring for myself.
Walking around outside seeking the beauty of blooming spring blossoms. 
Sipping a latte while writing down thoughts and goals in my planner. 
Finishing the day with a book that had me craving more of the story. 
 Linking breathe with movement in yoga class.