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This was the spot over seven years ago that I went to celebrate positive pregnancy test and reflect on the unknown journey that lay ahead. looking at the water I felt BRAVE which morphed in the months and weeks to come. in those moments I felt fear and panic and becoming a mother. I was concerned about the mental health jeans that my family brought to the table and the perfect June Cleaver jeans that my husband brought. how would they mix and would it be my fault if the kids were a mess? becoming a mom made me nervous but by the water in the very first minutes of knowing I was pregnant, I only felt BRAVE. the water calmed my mind, the rocks grounded my feet and I bravely embarked on this new adventure.

Ali Edwards design team · Memory keeping · Storybooks

Taking care of Me

Making a layout about myself felt narcissistic until I understood my intention behind the story.  First, I wanted to explore the ways I take care of myself currently. (Later I want to take that a step further and determine if my self care measures need adjusting, added to or subtracted from).  And even more than that, I want my children to see this layout in 20 years and understand how important it is to recharge yourself by taking time to enjoy life. 

My story sparks ignited as I browsed through my photo gallery from the last few weeks. There were pictures of my kids, the dog and screenshots of items to remember or purchase. Embedded between those images were glimpses of how I am currently caring for myself.
Walking around outside seeking the beauty of blooming spring blossoms. 
Sipping a latte while writing down thoughts and goals in my planner. 
Finishing the day with a book that had me craving more of the story. 
 Linking breathe with movement in yoga class. 

Ali Edwards design team · Memory keeping · Storybooks

coffee with Mema

a few weeks ago my yoga instructor asked the class, “if you could have a cup of coffee with anyone living or dead, who would it be and why?”  I couldn’t really think of anyone on the spot except my grandma.  She passed away almost 10 years ago from Alzheimer complications.  She had a profound impact on my early teenage years and on building the foundations for my faith.  I would love to share a cup of coffee with her now to tell her all those things.

The part patterned journaling card “Love this Storh” from Ali Edward’s March digital kit as a jumping off point to tell the story about what I would say to her now over coffee.

The photo I included on the journaling is a piece I inherited from her mismatched china collection.  I think I’ll start enjoying my coffee in this cup more often to remind me of her and her amazing love.

Here is the completed layout:

Ali Edwards design team · Memory keeping · Storybooks

family love

My brother had a tattoo on his forearm that said “family first” AND this layout is dedicated to his spirit and mindset of putting family first.

I love the colored horizontal stripes on the journal card from Ali Edwards’ February digital kit.  I knew this layout had to be hybrid to add journaling in between those lines!

Love is a word I use so often that sometimes I forget the truest definition.  My favorite visiting pastor, Chris Brown, said before “love is an action, not a feeling” and I like having that quote here and relating it to scripture.

1 John 3:18New International Version (NIV)

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”

My three men have all my heart!  Here is the full layout and all the delicious colors to match.

Ali Edwards design team · Memory keeping · Storybooks

puppy love

This is Ryder, our Goldendoodles puppy and when I saw the reds and hearts from Ali Edward’s February digital kit I knew I had to create a puppy love layout.

I brought the digital cards into the Project Life app and had the awesome “follow your heart” journaling card spread across a few pockets. 

Having a puppy has been challenging and entertaining all at once. I asked each of my boys and my husband why they loved Ryder and documented it on the “reasons you are loved” card. 

The images of each of the boys with the puppy had lots of blues so I decided to make the journaling card black and white to match the larger heart card. 

Everything was completed in the letterglow app and the layout was finalized in the project life app. 

I love the ease andconvinence of scrapbooking from my iPhone!


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12×12 Story book intro 

For my pocket page style approach in 2017, I will use a 12×12 album. This album will be story focused.  As the story strikes, I will document it and place it in the album. Doesn’t that sound like scrapbooking freedom! 

Ok let’s begin with an intro – 

Black and white + Liz Tamanaha of Paislee Press have my heart!  I adore Liz’s designs and her newest collection for Project Life – Project 52 Fresh Edition is my instant favorite!  (and here is a tip – I bought the collection via the PL app and print the cards from home.  This way I can have square corners and only the cards I want at a fraction of the price!)

Top left is a pattern card from the fresh collection along with a “hello” wood veneer from Heidi Swapp that I made shiny using Ali Edwards metallic silver crafters ink.  Top right is a filler card from Liz topped with a chipboard quote from Ali Edward’s Wild story kit that reads “To live is the rarest thing in the world.  Most people exist, that is all.  Oscar Wilde”.

Middle row is photos of my boys in black and white along with Liz’s NOTED card where I stamped 2017.  The far right side 2×3 pattern card has Liz’s stamp “the story” from the Studio Calico’s monthly subscription (you see the Liz obsession crosses all companies!).

The bottom row left is an old Studio Calico kit card with a camera that says “focus on the good” which is a life long goal of mine.  To the right is another Liz card with “love this” in her gorgeous script in a pattern.  On top of that card, I added a scrabble letter “G” to represent our family’s last name.

I love working with black and white and the clean look it provides to start off this story focus album!

Part 2 of my 2017 scrapbooking plans coming soon!