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This was the spot over seven years ago that I went to celebrate positive pregnancy test and reflect on the unknown journey that lay ahead. looking at the water I felt BRAVE which morphed in the months and weeks to come. in those moments I felt fear and panic and becoming a mother. I was concerned about the mental health jeans that my family brought to the table and the perfect June Cleaver jeans that my husband brought. how would they mix and would it be my fault if the kids were a mess? becoming a mom made me nervous but by the water in the very first minutes of knowing I was pregnant, I only felt BRAVE. the water calmed my mind, the rocks grounded my feet and I bravely embarked on this new adventure.

Ali Edwards design team · Memory keeping · Storybooks

Taking care of Me

Making a layout about myself felt narcissistic until I understood my intention behind the story.  First, I wanted to explore the ways I take care of myself currently. (Later I want to take that a step further and determine if my self care measures need adjusting, added to or subtracted from).  And even more than that, I want my children to see this layout in 20 years and understand how important it is to recharge yourself by taking time to enjoy life. 

My story sparks ignited as I browsed through my photo gallery from the last few weeks. There were pictures of my kids, the dog and screenshots of items to remember or purchase. Embedded between those images were glimpses of how I am currently caring for myself.
Walking around outside seeking the beauty of blooming spring blossoms. 
Sipping a latte while writing down thoughts and goals in my planner. 
Finishing the day with a book that had me craving more of the story. 
 Linking breathe with movement in yoga class. 

Memory keeping

Ali Edwards May digitals in Project Life

What I love about this spread is all the color!  Spring to me symbolizes new life springing up with bright and vibrant flowers and Ali captured these spring colors perfectly.

I love a month that starts on a Monday and I love digital weekly project life spreads made completely on my iPhone 6.  I take all my photos with my phone, edit them with the app Pic-Tap-Go, add Ali Edwards’ digital filler cards and embellishments via the app Letterglow and then put them within the layout in the app Project Life.


Here is the photo of my before editing.  I didn’t love that light pole in the background so I cropped it out, brightened the photo and then imported it into the Letterglow app to add the digital chipboard.


Here is the photo after all that.  I left a little space at the bottom of the embellishment because the Project Life app doesn’t seem to be true to exact 4×6 size.


Here is another example.  I lightened the photo in Pic-Tap-Go and then moved it Letterglow to add the circle chipboard.  I love this sassy face and how he rolls his feet outward when I ask him to pose for a picture.


Here is the finished product with a subtitle along side the “hang out time” chipboard reminding me this was Jacob’s zoo field trip.

I think I have always know how much I enjoy digital scrapbooking but now I feel like I am truly embracing it and LOVING it!

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Ali Edwards April Digital Kit Layouts

Have you seen Ali Edwards April Digital Kit?  The egg shapes are my favorite!!!!

Let’s dive into the layouts I made with this kit.  First is our church’s annual Easter Egg hunt.  They divide up the parking lot into color coded age sections.  This year I went with Jacob and about 200 other 3 year olds.  What I love about this photo of him, is all the eggs surrounding him and the look of serious concentration on his face as he looked for the golden egg.  (spoiler alert – he did not find a golden egg and had to be encouraged to pick up a few ordinary eggs along the way.)

Photo of jacob with eggs


The second story that I wanted to highlight from April was the story of when we rescued an adorable dog we found wandering near a busy street in our neighborhood.  For this layout I focused more on Dylan’s perspective and how he interacted with him.  The main part of the story that I want to be documented was the kindness that Dylan showed to the dog and the act of service we did that day in rescuing a strangers best friend.

Photo of Dylan with Petey


Memory keeping

Friday and Saturday WITL 4.21-22.17


I want to remember … the WHOLE reason I memory keep is because I WANT to remember!  For Friday and Saturday, I am using the prompt “I want to remember”.

7:15am // I want to remember that I always feel a relief on Thursday night going to bed knowing that Darrin is home Friday mornings and I can linger in bed just a little bit longer.  This morning is was quiet until 7:30am when Jacob woke up.


7:45am // I want to remember that on some Fridays Nathan joins us for a ride to school as his mom heads off to work.  He is the sweetest and kindest boy and we love having him over in the morning.  He and Dylan are playing balloon baseball this morning.

8:14am // I want to remember our families transition from plastic to glass to go containers.  Darrin was resistant at first but he has embraced the change.

9:51am //  I want to remember to have adventures with each boy separate as time and space allows.  About a month ago when Jacob and Darrin were at daddy and me morning for his preschool, Dylan and I ventured to downtown Roseville for vegan donuts at Dr. Bills Vegan Donut Bar.  When Jacob heard about our adventure, he wanted to go.  Today I made that happen and I am happy to have this morning to be with just him.

11:09am // I want to remember these not so little anymore feet and how he still holds my hand as we walk in the cross walk.

11:40am // I want to remember how this smile is innocently joy filled as he goes down the big slide for the first time alone.  And how his little feet get so sweat, making socks optional.

5:04pm // I want to remember the reason I am a pediatric nurse and how awesome kids are even when they are sick.  This medication is used for procedures and today I helped sedated the funniest developmentally delayed little boy.  He was so excited for our trip down the long, light filled sky bridge to MRI.  His laugh and words made my day.  This is why I love pediatrics!

7:25pm // I want to remember how I am always tempted, especially late into the shift, to eat all the amazing goodies co-workers and patients leave for us.  Willpower!

8:17pm // I want to remember quiet literally to chart these medications that I gave and get them off my hand, the only notepad I could find at the time.

On nights I work, I usually get home around 11:30 – 11:45pm and make my way to shower and then bed around 12:30 – 1am.

Cheers Friday!



7:35am // I want to remember this guys enthusiasm to play his baseball games.  He is dressed and ready to go an hour before we need to be to the field.


8:32am // I want to remember that my job as team mom is more than just organizing snacks and reminding the parents about games.  My job is to encourage these little boys and show kindness towards them to allow them to respect and trust other adults in their community.  I represent my family and my community as team mom and I want to remember to do my best for them.

2:01pm // I want to remember my current “work” car which is our old “family” car before we got the mini van.  This car doesn’t get driven much since we only need to on days when Darrin is off work and I am going to work.  She is a reliable, comfortable ride and she is paid off!

3:00pm // I want to remember how Darrin drove the boys down to the bay area to celebrate Cayla and Sherwin’s soon to be arriving little boy.  I am bummed I missed out on the fun and thankful that my family is understanding in knowing working weekends  comes with my job.

5:36pm // I want to remember how technology and social media help me to feel present when I am not physically there with them.  Michelle posted this on her SnapChat feed and it made me laugh out loud at work.

7:49pm // I want to remember my special dinner treat enjoyed in the work break room with a box of gloves to hold up my phone as I watch YouTube videos.  Chipotle burrito bowl with rice, pinto beans, chicken, salsa verde, corn, fajita veggies and lettuce with a side of guac and a few chips.  A celebration dinner to end Week in the Life!

Cheers Saturday!

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Lens story kit layout

I LOVE this story kit.  I like them all but this one has a special place in my heart right now as I am also working through Ali Edwards Lens of Joy class.  The class and this story kit is helping me to explore the lens that I look at the world around me through.  Am I counting it all joy as scriptures instruct or are there areas where my attitude could use a little tweaking and how can I make these adjustments?  (more on that on a later post, I promise!)

The main story prompts that sparked my story ideas was the prompt of –

Through the lens I see: 

I practiced using this story spark for documenting a day during week in the life and I love how it prompts me to look at my phone and interpret the story of my life as it is right now.

There was moment in our hotel room over spring break where all four of us were in one bed together eating left over chocolate peanut butter cake out of a to go box and spilling crumbs on the white sheets.  THAT is the memory I want to remember.  That feeling of family all together and making memories of joy is what my soul seeks.

This layout is a combination of all those feelings along with an ocean side, rocks climbed family selfie …