Project life October 3-9

I adore the simplicity of the project life app! I take all my photos on my iPhone 6 and, now with the integration of pic tap go, I edit all my photos within the app as well. Simplicity as it finest!

Here is a look at 10/3 through 10/9 using the Currently edition. 

Volunteering in Jacob’s preschool class allowed me to capture him exploring all the learning stations they provide. The top right is listening to a Pet the Cat book being read. 

Our Saturday mornings are dedicated to soccer games and this particular weekend we had a backyard camp out. 

A beautiful fall sunset finishes off the week!

(All cards are from the currently edition in the project life app except the soccer card.)


Changing my planning plan


For the last year I have had the privilege of being on the me & my BIG ideas design team!

You can find all my mambi design projects here!

This was my first design team experience and it was amazing.  The company  was very generous with their supplies and allowed us full creative freedom in our projects.  Our design team coordinator, Amanda Rose Zampelli was always encouraging and quick to answer questions.

At the end of my term I decided to transfer my creative time and energy into memory keeping with project life and my travelers notebook as my main mediums.  I plan to share more of those project here on my blog as well as my instagram account. In December, I will begin my 4th year of documenting daily happenings in our house with Ali Edwards December Daily project.  

Now onto planning … I have moved out of The Happy Planner and into Erin Condren Life Planner timed format.  I love the timed format now that I have both boys in school.  I write down all their school activities, which days they need to wear spirit shirts, which days are PE, which days are holidays.  I even write down when I pick them up!  Excessive, maybe since it is the same time every day but having that vertical timed section, I can see where I have time in my day to do other tasks and when I need to pair down and simplify.

I use a 5 barrel coleto to color code each persons activities.  And that is it – no stamps or decorations.  For right now, that is planner peace for me.  I have embraced the coil and it helps me future plan having a whole year all in the same place.

I will share planner photos here and there on my Instagram account and if there are specific planner tips and tricks you want to know, please let me know.  I am happy to share what I have learned in the last 2 years as a #plannergirl!

I’m loving all the personalized products that Erin Condren sells! Check it out for yourself and you’ll receive $10 off your first purchase with MY REFERRAL LINK


A story about ME

I am honored to be a guest story teller for Ali Edwards this month for the story theme ME. 

This is me at 5 years old. Young and vibrant and about to have a younger sibling. 5 years old is when some of my childhood memories began to stay with me. 5 years is the age of my oldest son currently. 

5 years old is when I began to understand the world wasn’t perfect and those placed as my role models in life were flawed. Sometimes in life the words of a song resonate deeply with how I feel and the song “dear younger me” by Mercy Me is one of those songs. 

If I knew then what I know now, would I have changed things? Maybe but the events of life have shaped who I am right now. Part of that is hurt and betrayal. Part is full of love and care from unexpected sources. A few years ago I might have said, YES change it all! 

Since becoming a memory keeper, a story recorder, a documentor of life; I now say NO, keep it all the same because I am embracing my story as it happens. I am the author of the story and while the supporting characters play a role, they will not define me and my story. 

I am excited to share more stories with you this month. I hope to encourage, inspire and motivate you to tell the stories about yourself. Happy, sad, and difficult stories that are a part of who you are. Let’s document our lives together!

Dear Younger Me by Mercy Me

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Week in the Life 2016 

I decided to keep it simple in order to complete this project. 

Using the project life app, I inserted all my photos into 12×12 layouts. I plan to create a 6×8 journaling overview of each day to be sandwiched between the photo layouts. 








End of Friday & SATURDAY


As I finished out the week, I noticed I had less and less pictures. I am ok with that. I worked 4 days in a row and had a traumatic death during that time. I hope to work through those feelings in my journaling portion. 

In the end, I am so happy I took the time to document our lives in a little more detail during this week! 

Because my story matters!



Stackable Icon Stamps

Let me tell you all about the new stackable icon stamps!  Creating lists and making codes is my jam!  These new icon stamps make that colorful, fun and portable.

First up, here is my “key” – what each stamp symbol indicates in my planner. 

 The black box makes the perfect to do list marker.  The red star draws attention to an important item.  The exclamation point shows a jotted down idea or inspiration.  I use the blue thumb up and down.  Up features the high point of my day and the thumbs down is the low point.  Recording a low point may not seem happy but it helps me to determine areas that need more of my focus or attention and allows me to see trends in the days of the week or time of day.  Green asterisk marks items needed or events at the boys school such as class parties, hot lunch day and reminders.  The pink heart lends itself easily to being something I loved.  This includes moments of gratitude and all the times my heart felt full.

Head on over to me & my BIG ideas blog to see more about how I am using these fun, stackable icon stamps!

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Saturday’s photos + stories

 Hello Saturday!
 Slept until late morning after working until 3am. 

Outside to check our tiny garden. The birds are eating the seeds! Grrr!
 But the nectarine tree is off the hook with all the fruit. And my tree pruning skills are horrible! 
Snuggling on the couch with this guy. I tried to be sly taking this overhead picture and of course he smiled!
 Lunch at Farm Haus with just the hubby. Love these little escapes and time to connect. 

T-Ball with this lovie. 
Then off for a quick 4 hour work shift. 

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Friday’s photos + stories

 Hello Friday!
    Before school baseball catches results in the ball landing into the light fixture & a daddy ladder. 

 Watching highlights from last nights Giants game.  
 Cup one of one and a half. Barefoot because it is warm already. 
 Jacob served me this delicious felt pizza.  
 I am grateful he was in the mood to chill. He watched a show while I read blogs and drank my coffee. 
 Friday mornings have become our trail run mornings. Today was a great jog / walk combo (minus the snake sighting)

  We stopped at the lake to play in the water and feel the sand between our toes.

   This salad is my jam lately. 
Sitting with daddy before nap time. 
Practicing handlettering.   
This is my only picture from Friday afternoon (2pm – 3am were spent at work)

The contrast between the floors of our women & children’s hospital struck me as I rode the elevator. 

The 2nd floor is labor and delivery – new lives being brought into the world. Joy & Excitement. 

The 1st floor is the neonatal ICU – tiny lives hanging on & parents hoping they grow & thrive. 

4th floor is my home – pediatric ICU. Tonight is represented death, tragedy, tears and heart break. The start of a battle against cancer. The middle of a long, dramatic battle. The end of a battle that no one knew was a battle. 

The wounds are deep and have left marks on my soul.